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Bande séparatrice des viandes et poissons

- Adapted conveyor belt for meat and fish separator equipments.

The separator belts range has numerous advantages :

- Higher elongation resistance thanks to the aramid ply down in the mass

- Easy to clean

- Good resistance to oils, greases and wear

- Silent running


Read the separator belt technical sheet



Bande DEL DRIVE 50-25

- New positively driven conveyor belt DEL/DRIVE 50-25.

The positively driven conveyor belt DEL/DRIVE 50-25 has a pitch of 50mm on a face, and 25mm on the other face. 

It can be used in both configurations : 

- DEL/DRIVE 50 conveyor belt with profiles of 25mm pitch

- DEL/DRIVE 25 conveyor belt with profiles of 50mm pitch

Compliant with the food standards, it is perfectly suitable for the conveyance of loss products on an inclined plan.


Read the DEL/DRIVE 50-25 technical sheet



Bande DEL DRIVE 25 grande largeur


- DEL/DRIVE 25 conveyor belt available in 1200mm width.

The positively driven conveyor belt DEL/DRIVE 25 is now available in big width: up to 1200mm.

Compliant with the strictest standards, the positive drive conveyor belt DEL/DRIVE 25 is completely monomaterial, without textile ply, and has tooth on the whole width.

It works on small pulley diameter, reducing the bulk and facilitating the conveyance of small products.


Read the technical sheet on the DEL/DRIVE big width



Nouvelle gamme de fers à souder

- Discover the new range of welding irons.

BMTS provides a new range of welding iron for the welding of round and v-belts, and for the thermoweldable conveyor belts up to 200mm width.

Those new irons have been developed to make the handling easier and to optimize the welding.

Made in PTFE high performance, the blades have a higher lifespan.

The welding irons have an ergonomic shape with an integrated stand offering a better stability. They are also thermally insulated to facilitate their handling during the welding.


MC50 iron: Welding of thermoweldable belts

MC100 - MC200 irons: Welding of thermoweldable conveyor belts up to 200mm width

MC150 iron: Overlap welding of thermoweldable v-belts




Catalogue Bandes modulaires BMTS

- Discover the Modutech modular belts.

To complete the range of belts and thermoweldable belts, BMTS presents its Modutech modular belts, developed in partnership with Modutech France.


Read the modular belts catalogue





 catalogue bandes à entraînement positif

- New positively driven conveyor belts catalogue.

The new positively driven conveyor belt catalogue is available.

Discover the advantages of the new range of positive drive conveyor belts, and the different products developed by BMTS.


Read the positive drive conveyor belt catalogue 




 racleur système de torsion

- New generation of scrapers.

The flexible strip of the DEL/CLEAN scraper allow to get a perfect scraping. The integrated and waterproof torsional system suppresses the needs of outside elements and facilitates the cleaning.

The scraper can be supply in white or blue.







Positivebelt avec pignons- BMTS increases its production widths :

The POSITIVEBELT conveyor belt is now available in 1000mm width. The upper face is perfectly smooth, allowing an efficient scraping.

The sprocket driving suppresses the tension need, and is associated to a perfect guidance.





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