The specialist of conveyor belts

Synthetic conveyor belts ,
Mono-material conveyor belts
Positively driven conveyor belts
Synchronous belts
The specialist of conveyor belts
Synchronous belts with coatings
Synchronous belts with cleats
Thermoweldable belts,
Special belts
Optimal conveying solutions
Meat industry,
Fish industry, Poultry industry,
Fruit and vegetable industry, Pharmaceutical industry,
Bakeries and pastries industry, dairy product industry, farming equipment
New range of welding irons
Welding of belts
Thermoweldable conveyor belts
Range of modular belts and chains
Straight modular belts
Curved modular belts
Pallet chains
Quality made in France*
Thermoweldable belts and conveyor belts

Industrial belts

Industrial belts

BMTS provides a large range of synchronous, thermoweldable or special belts.

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Conveyor belts BMTS

Conveyor belts

BMTS provides a largerange of thermoweldable, positively driven or synthetic conveyor belts

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agroalimentaire, emballage, boulangerie, viande, fruit et légume, indsutrie pharmaceutique


BMTS answer the needs of food-processing industries, packaging industries, pharmaceutical industries…

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étude et fabrication de bandes et courroies industrielles

BMTS, a wide range of belts and conveyor belts for industries

BMTS company is specialized for more than 25 years in the design, manufacture and implement of industrial belts and conveyor belts. In close collaboration with its customers, BMTS designs many belts and special conveyor belts. BMTS manufactures a wide range of smooth or positively driven monomaterial conveyor belts, answering the hygiene and food security constraints. Our team is at your disposal to advise you and guide you for the choice and the implementation of the best conveying solutions.

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BMTS - fabricant de solutions de convoyage pour les industriels

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