BMTS conveying solution for fish and seafood industry

The fish and seafood transformation industries are subject to strict constraints aiming to guarantee a maximal hygiene level, during all the transformation process. BMTS belts and conveyor belts are compatible with a using in those conditions. 

  • Optimal hygiene : The BMTS developed products are easy to clean without conveyor dismantling, and are very detergent products resistant. The food range answers the strictest hygiene standards and allows reducing the sanitary risks. A part of the range benefits also from an infused antimicrobial treatment, inhibiting the bacterial proliferation.
  • Delicate handling : BMTS belts and conveyor belts don’t mark the conveying products, and contribute to preserve their qualities.
  • Optimized cleaning : BMTS products are compatibles with the use of big water quantities, specific to the fish and seafood industry. Belts and conveyor belts are water resistant and can be submerged in water.
  • High resistances : BMTS belts and conveyor belts have a high resistance to oil, and animal and vegetable greases.


  • bande transport transformation du poisson
  • bande transporteuse poisson




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