Thermoweldable belts


BMTS provides a very wide range of thermoweldable belts: round belts, v-belts, special belts.

We commercialize round belts, v-belts and special belts, weldable with light and simple tools. Round and v-belts can be reinforced to block the elongation in cases of heavy loads or big lengths. The wide variety of hardness allowschoosing the adapted quality for your application.


Round belts

courroie ronde

BMTS manufactures a wide range of thermoweldable round belts for the most various industries: food processing, logistics, printer’s, packaging…
Made in polyurethane or elastomer polyester, round belts are particularly resistant to abrasion, cut, greases and solvents.

The food range is compliant with the strictest International standards, and allows optimizing the hygiene level.

The range of aramid reinforced round belts allows heavy loads on high lengths. They are particularly optimized for our overlap welding.

The different state of area of our round belts (smooth, frosted, roughed) offers adhesion possibilities adapted to the working conditions.

The range of tubular belts is particularly adapted in case of frequents assembly/disassembly, or quick repairing without welding.




courroie trapézoïdale alimentaire courroie trap delsan armée à picots
courroie trapézoïdale nid d'abeille courroie trapézoïdale totalgrip crantée

BMTS provides a large range of v-belts to answer the different conveying constraints.

Made in polyurethane or elastomer polyester, v-belts can be reinforced by aramid cables to increase the load carried.

They can also be cogged to reduce the minimum pulley diameters.

The large range of coatings (PVC or rubber Supergrip, smooth polyurethane, non-slip studded, diamond, sawtooth, aramid felt, foams…) can be realized on demand

Particularly suited to ceramic industries, ridge-top v-belts minimize the contact with the conveyed products

The whole v-belts range is easy and quick to weld with our adapted tools. The welding can be realized end-to-end without drill the reinforcement, or by superposition of the ends (overlap).

Easily cleanable, waterproof and rot-resistant, our thermoweldable belts are compliant with the food contact, according to the CE and FDA standards



Special belts

courroie spécialecourroie spéciale ATC63


BMTS provides numerous special belts realized on demand, and combinations of belts assemble by welding, equipped with coatings, embossings, machined…



courroie speciale à tasseauxcourroie trapézoïdale double











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