BMTS conveying solution for dairy product industry

The conveyance in dairy product industry must respect strictest requirements to guarantee a perfect hygiene during all the transformation steps. BMTS guides the industrials of this sector, developing products perfectly answer those constraints :

  • A maximal hygiene level : BMTS products respect the strictest international hygiene standards, while answering the HACCP process requirements. A part of the range also benefits from an antimicrobial treatment, inhibiting the bacterial development.
  • No risk of fraying : belts and conveyor belt are exclusively monomaterial which eliminate risks of fraying and pollution of theconveyed products.
  • Easiness of cleaning : BMTS products are easily cleanable, which allow reducing water and detergent products consumption.
  • Conveyance of heavy loads : BMTS has developed a range of belts and conveyor belts which allow conveying heavy loads, even in long center-to-center distances. The stop/start operation and the accumulation are also possible.


  • bande transport fromage
  • bande transporteuse fromage
  • bande transporteuse beurre
  • transport de beurre
  • bande alimentaire inclinée beurre
  • bande alimentaire produit laitier




BMTS - fabricant de solutions de convoyage pour les industriels

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