BMTS conveying solution for bakeries and pastries industry

The industries specialized in the bakeries and pastries products transformation, have to be compliant with the strictest rules of hygiene level, and with specific conveyance methods. Conveyed products are likely to highly stick to the conveyor belt, and to have difficulties at thedrop off. The products can also be aggressive and damage the belts and conveyor belts.

BMTS has developed products answering those different constraints :

  • Maximum hygiene and food security : BMTS belts and conveyor belts are completely monomaterial (absence of textile ply) eliminating risks of fraying. A part of the products range benefits from an infused antimicrobial treatment to inhibit the bacterial growth. The food range respects the strictest standards and contributes to satisfy the HACCP process requirements.
  • High resistances : BMTS conveyor belts have a very good resistance to water, and animal and vegetable oils and greases.
  • Submission easy : To improve the submission of the conveyed products, BMTS has developed a set of embosses allowing giving structure the conveyor belt upper face, thus minimizing the contact surface, and facilitates the submission. Conveyor belts can also be equipped with scraper to insure an efficient cleaning and an optimal cleanliness.
  • Optimized washing :The all BMTS range is easy to clean without conveyor dismantling. The washing is thus more efficient and quicker, and the water and the detergent products consumption are reduced.


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