Modutech modular belts

Modutech modular belts, a flexible and economical conveying system

Modular belts are made with plastic units (polyethylene, polypropylene, acetal or polyamide) linked by plastic axles on all the conveyor belt width. The units are assembly on demand, allowing creating conveyor belts with unlimited width and length.


Different kind of surfaces for modular belts

Modutech modular belts have different types of surfaces (smooth, open, perforated, grooved…) to answer the most various industrial needs: food-processing, automotive, wood, logistic, chemical…

Modular belts are compatible with different conveyor configurations (horizontal, curved, spiral, inclined, swan-necked…) and can be equipped with accessories: profiles, sideguards, rubber-top modules…


BMTS provides a large range of modular belts allowing choosing the more adapted product for the application :


MD SERIES: Small pulley diameters

Bande modulaire MD

Modular belts of MD series with a pitch of 12.7mm allow a small pulley diameter (20mm). The vibrations due to the polygon effect are reduced, facilitating the conveyance of small products, even at high speeds.

The “LF” modular belts surface offer a low friction coefficient, allowing the accumulation and avoid the sticking of products on the conveyor belt


HP SERIES: High traction force

Bande modulaire HP

Modular belts of HP series have a high impact resistance and a high traction force. Their sprocket engagement reduces the vibrations during operation. They are particularly suitable for bidirectional or long center-to-center conveyors.

The conveyor belts with “GT” version are very adhesive on the upper face, facilitating the conveyance of products in an inclined plan, or regular injection of products.


EC SERIES for straight running application: ease of cleaning

Bande modulaire droite

The EC series for straight running application is composed by modular belts with pitch of 25.4mm ; 38.1mm and 50.8mm.

They are particularly adapted to food-processing industry, because their smooth lower face facilitates their cleaning. They also offer a good traction force and a good impact resistance.



EC SERIES for curved applications: ease of cleaning

Bande modulaire courbe

Modular belts of the EC Series are mainly used for applications which require cumulated configurations of curved, straight running and spiral.

Their open area facilitates the modular belts cleaning.





Catalogue Bande modulaire




Read here the complete modular belts catalogue




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