Positively driven conveyor belts

The food products handling needs a perfect hygiene and a conveyance without risks of slipping. BMTS manufactures a range of positive drive conveyor belt, perfectly answering those requirements. The solid molded teeth guarantee an optimal solidity and a big longevity:

DEL/DRIVE : Ideal alternative to modular belts
POSITIVEBELT :Self-tracking positive drive belt
AGROBELT : Synchronous drive
Positive drive conveyor belts accessories 


DEL/DRIVE, the best alternative to modular belts

The range of positive drive conveyor belts DEL/DRIVE represents an optimal alternative to modular belts seeing at they can replace them without modifications of the conveyors structure.

The DEL/DRIVE 50 conveyor belt is made in polyurethane and has a pitch of 50mm. Its perfectly smooth upper face facilitates its cleaning and allows keeping an optimal hygiene level.

The DEL/DRIVE 50H conveyor belt is manufactured in polyester elastomer, and is suitable for the conveyance of medium to heavy loads. It offers a high traction force and a low friction coefficient.

The DEL/DRIVE 50AM conveyor belt benefits of an antimicrobial treatment in the mass. This treatment reduces again the sanitary risks, and minimizes the cleaning costs.

The DEL/DRIVE 50AMEM conveyor belt also benefits of an antimicrobial treatment. Its embossed upper face reduces the products adherence on the conveyor belt.

The DEL/DRIVE 50EMLT conveyor belt is particularly suited to work in low ambient temperature. Its embossed upper face minimizes the contact surface and facilitates the conveyance of frozen products.

The DEL/DRIVE 25 conveyor belt has a reduced pitch of 25mm witch allow minimizing the conveyors bulk and facilitate the transfer of small products. The DEL/DRIVE 25 is available up to 1200mm width.

The new DEL/DRIVE 50/25 conveyor belt has a pitch of 50mm on a face, and 25mm on the other face. It can be used in both configurations: DEL/DRIVE 50 with cleats of 25mm pitch, or DEL/DRIVE 25 with cleats of 50mm pitch.

bande à entraînement positif DEL/DRIVE 50

POSITIVEBELT, self-tracking positive drive belt

Guidance perfection and high load capacity, easiness of cleaning and functioning without tension, make this conveyor belt the ideal solutions for many conveying applications. Its flexibility and its high abrasion and cuts resistance insure a longer lifespan.

The POSITIVEBELT PO2 in polyurethane is particularly adapted for the conveyance of light to medium weight loads.

The POSITIVEBELT PO2 in elastomer polyester is recommended for the conveyance of medium to heavy loads. It has a strong traction force and allows the products accumulation.

The POSITIVEBELT PO1 is an aramid cables reinforced version. It is particularly suitable for applications where good adherence and low pulley diameter are needed. The distributed reinforcements allow conveying heavy loads.

Bande à entraînement positif POSITIVEBELT PO2


AGROBELT, synchronous drive

The AGROBELT represents the perfect association between monomaterial conveyor belt, and synchronous drive: it allows a precise positioning of the conveyed products. The positively driven conveyor belt AGROBELT is reinforced by aramid cables which block its elongation. 

Bande à entraînement positif AGROBELT

Positive drive conveyor belts accessories

BMTS positively driven conveyor belts range can be equipped with accessories to answer the conveyance constraints :

- Profiles (flat, rounded or special)
- Sidewalls
- Scraper
- Holes
- Retaining clip
- Driving drum




Catalogue bandes à entraînement positif




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Feuillet Bande DEL/DRIVE 25 grande largeur

Read the technical sheet
of conveyor belt DEL/DRIVE 50-25

Read the technical sheet of conveyor belt
DEL/DRIVE 25 (big width)




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