BMTS it’s also vulcanization, scrapers…



BMTS provides a large range of vulcanization solutions (hot) and filling (cold) of cylinder, pebble and all other metallic pieces for different industrial applications:

- Food-processing industry
- Tobacco industry
- Glass industry
-Paper mill
- Packaging
-Textile industry
- ...

As well as realization of Linatex “manchettes”, rubber, remaline.
High diversity of elastomer specialties: white nitrile food version, silicone, rubber, parablond, remaline, butyl. Hardness from 30 ShA to 92 ShA, and polyurethane up to 92 ShA.



DEL/CLEAN scrapers

Racleur bande transporteuse


BMTS provides very innovative scrapers which insure permanent conveyor belt and conveyor system cleanliness. They contribute to the reducing of loss material, avoid the stain of conveyed products, and reduce the cleaning cost. Our scrapers answer the strictest sanitary requirements.

The polyurethane strip gets used to the support irregularity (conveyor belt or driving drum to clean).

The scraper, thanks to its low bulk, is easily compatible with your existing or new installation. Its torsional system, integrated in the support tube, allows having no lateral misalignment and maintains a perfect hygiene level.




BMTS - fabricant de solutions de convoyage pour les industriels

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