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BMTS monomaterial thermoweldable conveyor belts are largely used in many applications, for their high abrasion, cuts and detergents resistance. Their smooth area makes them easily cleanable, reducing the cleaning costs.

Compliant with the strictest standards, they are certified FDA and CE, and are a precious help for your HACCP approach.

Their welding can be realized on-site with simple and inexpensive tools, reducing your maintenance costs.


BMTS positively driven conveyor belts has the same characteristics as monomaterial thermoweldable conveyor belts, with the advantage of the sprocket driven. It eliminates risks of slipping, suppress the need of tension, and facilitate the lower face access for the cleaning.

The mechanical constraints are reduced, the guidance is greatly improved and the lifespan is optimized.

Those conveyor belts represent an ideal replacement of modular belts, hard to clean, breakable, heavy and noisy.


As a complement to monomaterial conveyor belts, BMTS commercialize a wide range of synthetical conveyor belts.

They are used in numerous industries, for their variety of coatings, their traction resistance, temperature or chemical resistance.

Their textile frame can be drown in the material, and thus be no visible which is an important hygiene factor in a food environment.


BMTS advise you in the choice of the conveyor belt the most adapted to your application, and propose you a jointing on-site or in our workshop.





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