Our industrial belts and special belts

 We provide all types of belts and our research department works on all your requests

Courroies industrielles pour l'industrie



BMTS manufactures and realize several special belts on demand, resolving many conveying problems.

Our technicians’ expertise and the flexibility of our means of production allow finding efficient and innovative solutions.


Our realization possibilities based on synchronous belts are very various. Our range of coatings, cleats or holes offer various solutions in a very short time.


Thermoweldable round, vee of special belts are an economical and efficient solution of conveyance.

Different materials, reinforcements, cogging and coatings are available, and used in a wide variety of applications.

The on-site welding with tools easy to use, allows an important reduction of the maintenance costs.




BMTS - fabricant de solutions de convoyage pour les industriels

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