Why work with us? 


- Our belts and conveyor belts are the result of our 25 years of experience

Based for more than 25 years of the heart of the first food-processing region in France, BMTS develops a strong relationship with its customers, and bring concrete solutions for their conveying problems.

- BMTS advises you  

Our commercial and technical teams, our research department, bring you an expert assessment, from the design step of your machines and conveyors, to their maintenance and renovation.

- BMTS delivers you quickly  

An important stock, a skilled staff, and flexible machines guarantee a high reactivity and a quick delivery.

- BMTS mends you

From the headquarter at Vigneux-de-Bretagne (France), or the Quimper agency (France), our skilled technicians come replace your belts and conveyor belts in the best periods.




BMTS - fabricant de solutions de convoyage pour les industriels

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