BMTS conveying solution for fruits and vegetables industries

The handling in the fruits and vegetable industries answers specific requirements. The products must be conveyed and handle with care during all the transformation steps, to preserve all their qualities. Belts and conveyor belts developed in the BMTS research unit, allow answering those needs at all the transformation steps: calibration, cleaning, treatment, packaging:

  • Delicate handling : : belts and conveyor belts don’t mark the products and guarantee a soft handling, preserving all the product qualities.
  • Optimal hygiene : products of BMTS range have a high detergent products resistance and are easily cleanable. The food range meets the strictest international standards and contributes to answer the HACCP process requirements.
  • Transport optimization : : conveyor belts can be equipped with profiles or sidewalls, including for the conveyance of loose products. Accessories are welded on the conveyor belt, allowing to keep a totally monomaterial product without risks of dividing.
  • Easy cleaning : : the conveyor belts can be perforated to facilitate the washing product step. Conveyor belts are waterproof and can be submerged in water without any risks.


Each application is unique, the BMTS research unit is at your disposal to study your conveying problems and propose you personalized products to answer specific needs.


  • bande transporteuse fruits
  • bande usine fruit

  • Bande transporteuse bords de contenance




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