Synchronous belts

BMTS provides a large range of synchronous belts, in polyurethane, standards or specials

The combination of steel or aramid cables insures a high traction resistance and a reduced pre-stress. We also provide stainless steel reinforcement. Numerous pitches, metric or inch, are available, also in food agreed version or high flexibility.

courroie synchrone

Cleats :

We realize a wide range of standard or specific shaped cleats, with different colors or hardness, which we weld on the belts with the desired pitch. They are used for solutions of thrust, catch, positioning… In addition to our standard range, we can develop special cleats.


Tasseaux pour courroie industrielle

 Coatings :

We have a large choice of different coatings answering numerous applications. Those different coatings allow answering your expectations in terms of :
- Abrasion resistance
- Shock absorption
- Cut – impact resistance - chocs
- Heat resistance
- Chemical resistance
-Friction coefficient low or high

Revetement pour courroie industrielle



Polyurethane coatings:
This material possesses a very good abrasion resistance, and is available in different thicknesses and hardnesses. Those PU coatings are used in many applications (food-processing, glass industry, pharmaceutical, packaging, wood…).
Foam polyurethane, EPDM rubber, neoprene coatings :
The compressibility of those materials allows using them in the following applications: labeling, delicate products conveying, bottling.
Rubber coatings :  
Very good resistance to abrasion, good traction capacity (adhesion).
Linatex 35 ShA, Linaplus 38 ShA, PVC Supergrip 35 ShA, Linatrile, Black rubber 45 ShA, Food grade nitrile 65 ShA.
PVC coatings :
They have a high friction coefficient and offer several surface structures.
PVC supergrip 50 ShA, small stud, big stud, chevron, blue PVC, white PVC.




Over-teeth :

This kind of binding insures a higher flexibility in the use of the belt, it can adapt to many applications. They allow a cleat fixing that cannot be welded on the belt. The over-teeth are available in several widths.

Mechanical joining :

courroie jonctionnée




On the installations where it’s not possible to place an endless belt or when it’s necessary to replace your belt in emergency.

This kind of joining doesnot expose any metal pieces with the pulley or the transported product.

They are suitable for the following belts: 8M, 14M, T10, AT10, T20, AT20, WT10

Those jointing can be realized with all kinds of coatings.

We joint (in our workshop or on-site if necessary) the belts at your length in short time.




Special manufacture :

Teeth machining, holes… Contact us for those specific needs.


The pulleys (stainless steel, aluminum, steel) are standardized or manufactured to measure. The clamping plates are used for mechanical joining at the ends.




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