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What are the cookies?

Cookies are simple, small text files stored on your bowser (computer, mobile phone, tablet) when navigating most of websites. They record the information related to your navigation on www.bmts.fr website. They are used for the good working of part of the website, or for measure the traffic and our website’s performance .

The Cookies refusal

You can refuse to record cookies on your computer. However, some of them can be necessary to browse on a part of our website. We specially talk about the content which requires an identification to be visit.

We accept no responsibility for consequences related to degrade functionality of our services in case of cookies blocked or suppressed.

What are the means to manage cookies?  

The setup of each browser is different, but the end is the same namely know how to control those cookies.

Below are useful links to according to the main browsers  :

In case of questioning about our cookies, you can contact us clicking here.

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